Niki Resort Inc. (*Japanese Site Only)

The Niki Resort homepage, showcasing our hotel operations, including Niki Club, therapeutic operations, and cultural activities.

Satsu Gallery (*Japanese Site Only)

Visit the Shushuku-bo section offering paperback selections and the Satsushu-ki section housing the complete works of various authors, as well as the adjoining Cafe Cha. Regularly hosts exhibitions as well as a variety of lectures and workshops.

Art Biotop Nasu

Located adjacent to Niki Club, this Niki Resort affiliate combines hotel accommodations with a variety of art workshops and studios. Guests can try their hands at creating their own works in the adjoining ceramics and glassmaking studios. Workshops by established artists are also held several times throughout the year.

NPO Art Biotop (*Japanese Site Only)

Runs artist-in-residence programs and engages in educational, artistic, cultural, and environmental creative activities in Tochigi and on Shodoshima island in Okayama Prefecture. Also engages in freelance curating at various art galleries.

Schule im Berg (*Japanese Site Only)

A summertime open college held every year in Yokozawa at the foot of the Nasu Mountains. Lecturers from a variety of fields are invited to host presentations on art and Japanese cultural studies, handcraft workshops, and more.

Forest Concierge (*Japanese Site Only)

Our Forest Concierge’s very own website, offering daily observations of the forests of Yokozawa.

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