Niki Resort

July 2017

To the friends of Niki Club:

As this letter is written, summer has come to Nasu in all its verdant glory and the fireflies are flickering around the garden of Niki Club. It’s been just one year since we celebrated our 30th anniversary and we wish to express our gratitude for your support over the years.

As we recently announced on our website, we will no longer be accepting new reservations after August 30, 2017, and will terminate operations of Niki Club on the present site by the end of this year. At this time, we are not aware when the property will reopen nor who will handle the operations. Regarding operations after September and the termination date, we will inform you on our website when it has been decided.

When I first visited Nasu Yokozawa, it was a land of abundant nature, densely covered with ferns and very little light. Being more than 10km off the highway, it was not easy to access but the gentle mountain streams and deep woods made it so beautiful that I still remember how this area possessed me.

With the support and wisdom of designers and cultural figures, Niki Club came together piece by piece. We sincerely hope that you observe future growth with warm memories associated with this land.

We believe that a good resort includes superb restaurants, rooms equipped with simple, comfortable furnishings, and is a facility for arts and culture so that people gather around, eat together, and enjoy life. We have been aiming toward that beautiful ideal for 30 years, and we will continue pursuing our new challenge with an enduring passion and the know-how nourished upon this land.

To that end, we have commenced “Garden Project” at Art Biotop, on land adjacent to Niki Club. In addition to the present facility with glass and pottery studios, we are deeply committed to “Water Garden” designed by Junya Ishigami, scheduled for completion in fall 2017; “Botanical Farm Garden Art Biotop” opening in 2019 and the Suite Villa to be designed by Shigeru Ban, a Pritzker Prize-winning Japanese architect.

After 30 years, it pains me to inform you of this unfortunate news and I sincerely hope that your memories associated with this land will stay with you for many years to come. I would sincerely like to ask for your continued support of Art Biotop and our other related properties with our gratitude for your friendship.

Hitomi Kitayama
Chief Executive Officer
Niki Resort Inc.