Comfort and enjoyment, the way you want

At Niki Club, guests are encouraged to spend their time in the manner that they wish, just as they would in the comfort of their homes.
Every facility you will find on our 34 acre grounds has been designed to accommodate your style and needs,
whether itʼs a moment of relaxation at our spa or a joyous celebration at our multi-venue events building.


Nature has a way of guiding us towards feelings of comfort and peace, whether through the bubbling of a river or the twittering of a bird. At Niki Club,
guests are offered the opportunity to combine nature’s ability to soothe with the cleansing effects of massages and spa treatments conducted entirely
with natural ingredients, for a detoxification experience that fully employs the powers of nature.


Aromatherapy Salon & Shop nikissimo

Refresh your five senses through naturopathy, a practice based in the natural curative powers of plants. Our therapists offer massages conducted with original aromatic oil blends extracted from only natural ingredients, all while you submerge yourself in the serene nature of Yokozawa that surrounds you.

Treatment Menu

Opening hours: 10:00-22:00 (Shop is open until 19:00.)

  • Deluxe Facial Treatment

    The face, neckline, hands, and scalp are first softened through gentle, rhythmic massage, followed by oil cleansing and the application of a soft gommage gel to exfoliate your skin. Our mild gommage gel will feel soothing even if you have sensitive skin, and leave your face looking smooth and unblemished. With your skin now more permeable, rose or nerol oil is applied and allowed to slowly soak in.

    A Palau white clay facial mask and seaweed mask may also be applied all the way to the neck, depending on your skin condition. Palau white clay opens up your skin, giving it a healthy sheen and making it difficult for blemishes to form, while the marine collagen and algae in the seaweed mask will both invigorate and rehydrate your skin.

    Duration: 110 min. (80 min. of treatment)
    Price: Guests - ¥17,850 (tax incl.)
    Visitors - ¥18,900 (tax incl.)

  • [Limited time offer] DA・SU Body Treatment

    For a limited time, Niki Club & Spa is offering DA・SU Body Treatment options combining platinum photon dome therapy, healing aromatherapy, and detoxifying treatments. Platinum photon dome therapy takes advantage of the healing power of light and its powerful warming effects. Finely powdered aluminum and titanium are added to a platinum colloid base, which emits photons that help stimulate metabolism, and formed into fibers using a special method. These fibers emit light that activates the water molecules within the body, causing negative ions to resonate with the body’s cells. This produces numerous beneficial effects, including allowing essential oils to permeate the skin, toxins to be excreted, and metabolism to improve. Relax in our spa and "reset" your body with this refreshing therapy session.

    Duration: 150-170 min.
    Price: Guests - ¥26,250 (tax incl.)
    Visitors - ¥28,350 (tax incl.)

    Changing + consultation: 15 min.
    Footbath: 5 min.
    Platinum bath + head massage: 20-30 min.
    Shower: 5 min.
    Treatment: 80-90 min.
    Changing + post-treatment refreshments: 25 min.

  • Full-Body Treatment

    Experience a reflexology treatment that flows gently up your entire body. Therapists will first apply just the right amount of pressure for you to the soles of your feet, then move on to your back, abdomen, hands, neckline, and scalp, leaving you feeling relaxed both in body and mind.

    *Sessions now include a rose salt foot bath.

    Duration: 120 min. (80 min. of treatment)
    Price: Guests - ¥17,850 (tax incl.)
    Visitors - ¥23,100 (tax incl.)

    Changing + foot bath + consultation: 20 min.
    Treatment: 80 min.
    Rest + post-treatment refreshments: 20 min.

  • Facial Treatment

    Treat your face, neckline, and scalp to the soothing effects and floral scents of rose, considered a symbol of beauty since ancient times, and nerol, an aroma renowned for its deeply relaxing qualities, as they are applied to your skin with gentle rhythms.

    * Sessions now include cleansing; please feel free to come in while wearing makeup.

    Duration: 90 min. (60 min. of treatment)
    Price: Guests - ¥14,700 (tax incl.)
    Visitors - ¥15,750 (tax incl.)

    Changing + consultation: 20 min.
    Cleansing + treatment + facial: 60 min.
    Rest + post-treatment refreshments: 10 min.

  • Reflexology Treatment

    A leg-focused session that starts with the stimulation of reflection points located in the soles of your feet, then continues with a tender massage that climbs up the legs like a gentle stream to just above the knees.

    Duration: 50 min.
    Price: Guests - ¥7,350 (tax incl.)
    Visitors - ¥8,400 (tax incl.)

    Changing + foot bath + consultation: 10 min.
    CTreatment: 30 min.
    CRest + post-treatment refreshments: 10 min.

  • Deluxe Full-Body Treatment

    A deluxe session that includes both body and facial treatments. Experienced therapists will hand-massage you from head to toe to accelerate your metabolism and wash away the toxins inside your body, making you feel completely refreshed and filled with a newfound vigor.

    Duration: 160 min.
    Price: Guests - ¥26,250 (tax incl.)
    Visitors - ¥29,400 (tax incl.)

    Changing + foot bath + consultation: 20 min.
    Treatment: 120 min.
    Rest + post-treatment refreshments: 20 min.

  • Reservations

    Guests who have booked a room at Niki Club enjoy a 10% discount on all treatment sessions booked up to 7 days in advance of the check-in date.

    To make an appointment, please call +81-287-78-2215 or email

    Some rooms allow for two people to be treated at once. If you would like to be treated together with your spouse, friend, or partner, please let us know when making an appointment.

photo:Spa Baths

Spa Baths

The Niki Club & Spa building houses an outdoor bath with a view of the surrounding forests. The bathwater contains large traces of iron, making it highly restorative, easy to heat, and difficult to cool. This makes it ideal for soothing nerve and muscle pain, as well as treating scars and burns. Use together with our mist and dry saunas (women only) and herbal baths to refresh your entire body. Only available to resort guests and visitors with aromatherapy appointments.

Opening hours: 6:00-11:00 / 15:00-1:00


Woodland Baths

Return to nature by soaking in our outdoor hot-spring baths, surrounded by the bubbling of the rivers and the chirping of wild birds. The baths offer a view of the majestic Nasu Mountains during the day, and a star-studded sky at night.

Opening hours: 6:00-11:00 / 15:00-24:00

photo:Main Wing Indoor Baths

Main Wing Indoor Baths

Enjoy a dip in the rich hot spring water that bubbles beneath the surface of Nasu, surrounded by the elegant Oya stone architecture of the Niki Club 1986 (Main Wing) building.

Opening hours: 6:00-11:00 / 15:00-1:00


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