Comfort and enjoyment, the way you want

At Niki Club, guests are encouraged to spend their time in the manner that they wish, just as they would in the comfort of their homes.
Every facility you will find on our 34 acre grounds has been designed to accommodate your style and needs,
whether it's a moment of relaxation at our spa or a joyous celebration at our multi-venue events building.

Restaurants & Bar

Niki Club's two restaurants offer cuisine that makes full use of seasonal ingredients from our onsite kitchen garden and locally contracted producers.
Also visit our Liquor Room for an aperitif or after-dinner drink, or stop by Niki Boutique for light refreshments and gifts.


Niki Club 1986 (Main Wing) Main Dining Room - La Brise

The concept of NIKI Club’s main dining room “La Brise” is “The Japanese spirit with Western learning; Developing new ideas from the study of the past.” When it was constructed in 1986, it was the first facility in Japan to be an “Auberge” style of inn. Since then, we have been pursuing our goal of offering NIKI Cuisine which is rich in nutrients and flavor, using natural local ingredients as the base for healthy dishes.
We cultivated the land to create our own Kitchen Garden, and are also blessed with produce sent daily from local farmers. Our dishes are based on the motto of “From the garden to the table” and our chefs have created each dish by using Western inspirations coupled with Japanese techniques.
La Brise was designed by the interior decorator Sugimoto Takashi. He combined large glass windows with Tochigi prefecture’s Oya stone (rock made from lava and ash) to create a space which is open and allows our diners to sense the lively motions of the surrounding woodland. Please enjoy the sights and sounds of the breeze rustling the trees while enjoying the epitome of dining in our main dining room “La Brise.”

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Opening hours : 8:00 – 11:00 (L.O 10:30)
18:00 – 23:00 (L.O 21:00)


Descending the stairway by the Main Wing reception desk will take guests into La Brise’s spacious, high-ceilinged dining room, with one wall dominated by an immense window that offers a majestic view of the woodland that spreads all around. Enjoy a meal at your leisure while enshrouded in our warm hospitality, as well as the lovely natural setting of Niki Club.

Dress code: Smart casual
Please refrain from wearing casual clothing such as shorts and sandals.
We recommend men wear a jacket or blazer.
Smoke-free Environment: Our restaurants are non-smoking areas.
Smoking areas: Smoking is permitted in the Liquor Room and Library.


Niki Club & Spa (East Wing) Garden Restaurant

The concept of the NIKI CLUB & SPA Garden Restaurant is “healthy modern cuisine.” The theme of the dishes is “to beautify the body from the inside.” To do this, we rigidly check for the finest ingredients from around the world, combined with fresh organic vegetables freshly picked every morning from our own Kitchen Garden. Our menus are changed seasonally to allow us to serve you with dishes which offer the tastiest ingredients of the season.
We also offer a low calorie menu for those who choose the Holistic Stay course. This is a special program for maintaining a healthy mind and body, which also includes nikissimo aromatherapy treatments, forest bathing and hot spring spas. Allow your body to rejoice with the healthy food served at our Garden Restaurant.

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Opening hours : 8:00 - 11:00 (L.O 10:30)
12:00 - 14:00                  
18:00 - 23:00 (L.O 21:00)


Enjoy healthy spa cuisine in a bright dining room with a breathtaking view of the nature enshrouding Niki Club.
On fine days, tables are also available on our sunlit, breezy terrace.

Dress code : Smart casual
Please refrain from wearing casual clothing such as shorts and sandals.
We recommend men wear a jacket or blazer.
Smoke-free Environment : Our restaurants are non-smoking areas.
For those who wish to smoke, please use the terrace.


Niki Boutique

The Boutique, located in the Main Wing, offers coffee, cakes, and other light refreshments prepared from locally sourced ingredients, making it a perfect spot to take a break during a long walk through our vast woodlands. Gifts and souvenirs are also available for purchase.

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Opening hours: 9:30 - 17:00



Seasonal desserts
Classic gateau chocolat


Mori no plate ¥1,620 (incl. tax)
NASUKITA Wagyu Beef ¥1,940 (incl. tax)
*Food served only from 11:00 to 15:00 (L.O.)


Liquor Room / Library

Enjoy a Green Breeze, an original cocktail creation that has been a favorite since Niki Club first opened, or other before- or after-dinner drinks in our Liquor Room, which offers a luxurious view of the forest outside. The adjoining library features a diverse collection of art and literary books hand-selected by Japanese culture writer Seigo Matsuoka. Enjoy a quiet moment with a good book in this relaxed space.

Opening hours: 17:00-23:30(LO 23:00)

Wine Selection

Niki Club’s wine cellar has been meticulously stocked with wines that tell a story, one that is sure to enhance any dining experience.
Our knowledgeable sommeliers will serve wines by the glass to complement the seasonally changing cuisine,
as well as suggest bottles to suit personal preferences.


Wine selections to complement the cuisine

The wine selection at La Brise in the Main Wing is mainly composed of renowned appellations from Bordeaux and Burgundy,
while our Garden Restaurant offers a wide selection of organic wines, from California and other New World wines
to both classic and modern Italian wines. Both restaurants also offer a small selection of domestic wines that
convey the passions of the winemaker as well as the qualities of the regions they were produced in.

Telling stories through wines and services

What is the ideal wine? It is a wine that makes a guest smile with the first sip, and piques their curiosity about its origins. What is its appellation? What natural attributes and human qualities went into making it? To allow guests to fully appreciate the passion behind Niki Club, I believe it is our duty to convey not only the stories of our wines, but also the story of Yokozawa itself?the natural beauty as well as hospitality that defines this wonderful place. By taking responsibility for your every drink, we strive every day to provide a top-class service that you will always remember.


Niki Club's sommeliers Tomohiro Manabe (Manager, Garden Restaurant) and Yoshikazu Sasaki (Manager, La Brise) offer wine selections that complement personal preferenmces as well as the seasonally changing cuisine. For those who prefer other kinds of drinks, their knowledge extends to locally brewed sake and other alcoholic beverages as well.

Seasonal Events

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