Comfort and enjoyment, the way you want

At Niki Club, guests are encouraged to spend their time in the manner that they wish, just as they would in the comfort of their homes.
Every facility you will find on our 34 acre grounds has been designed to accommodate your style and needs,
whether itʼs a moment of relaxation at our spa or a joyous celebration at our multi-venue events building.

Guest House

Our multi-venue events building, Kankikan, serves as a venue for weddings and other significant life events—fitting, since its name means,
“a place where one can observe the changes in the seasons.” Its four venues can be arranged in creative ways to produce a truly memorable occasion.



This multipurpose building serves as a venue for weddings and other significant life events—fitting, since its name means,
“a place where one can observe the changes in the seasons.” Every function is meticulously planned based on your wishes,
with an entirely original and seasonal contemporary dining menu offered just for the occasion.



Natural light pours generously into this large, expansive room. An open kitchen located behind a glass wall can add to the spectacle of any occasion, while the garden located just outside offers options such as a dessert buffet or an open-air grill.


Multipurpose Hall

A gentle light shines in through high windows to give this hall a warm, relaxed feel. Perfect for seminars, ceremonies, and small dinner parties. Can be booked along with the Banquet Hall and Lounge for weddings and other special events.



This spacious, fireplace-equipped lounge makes for a great first impression at events organized at the Kankikan. Guests can relax on the luxuriant sofas and gaze out through immense windows at the lovely natural beauty of Yokozawa that lies just outside.



Bar Radio, legendary downtown Tokyo haunt of writers and artists, has been faithfully recreated here to the last detail, from the handsomely crafted counter to the stylish furniture. The bar creates a sophisticated mood that will take guests back to Tokyo’s artistic heydays in the 70’s.

Kagami Stage

Literally meaning “mirror,” this specially commissioned stage was crafted out of seven stones hand-picked in the traditional stonecutting town of Aji in southern Japan, that were then fused onsite over a two-year period using the latest in metalwork technology.
The finished product represents a marvel of both ancient and future technologies.


Located in the middle of a gently sloping hill, Kagami signifies Niki Club’s continued attempts at creating a new kind of cultural resort. This outdoor stage made of seven large stones and stainless mirrored steel can be employed for a truly memorable event you will not experience anywhere else in the world, whether to stage a theatrical show, concert, or wedding.


The 5.4 m x 5.4 m stage -conceived by Seigo Matsuoka, designed by Hiroshi Naito, and sculpted by Isamu Noguchi collaborator Masatoshi Izumi- has been given an elevated look to make it appear as if floating between heaven and earth, in front of stands capable of seating up to 150 people. Everything directly above the stage, from the sky and treetops to the people standing on top, are shown upside down in the reflective surface of the steel fused between the stones, to represent the idea of two different elements existing together in harmony-such as life and death, or man and woman. The steel forms a smooth, uninterrupted surface with the rocks, as if this perfect fusion were completely natural. This quality of Kagami, as well as the reflected images that change by the season and by the hour, allows it to produce a wide variety of effects to suit the occasion.

Seasonal Events

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